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dmctuning dmctuning
DMC Luxury
Garage: 4 Rides
DE, Germany


Consists of:

Front Lip
An all new aggressive Front Lip which exchanges for the OEM sword.

Front Sword
Fits perfectly in the center of the newly developed front lip.

Side Diffusers
These massive extensions give a bold new look to the car's appearance.

Rear Diffuser
The design was inspired by the famous 599XX and adds male strength to the car.

Rear Spoiler
This add-on wing adds a new shape to the car's rear fascia, making it appear even sportier.

Side Mirror Trims
One of the significant changes on each tuned car are the side mirror trims.

Diamond Forged Wheels, 21 Front, 22 Rear

Carbon Fiber Hood

Completely redesigned in light-weight carbon fiber, with 100% visible structure. We suggest to paint the left and right side to get a carbon stripe effect as seen.

Engine Room Refinement

Using Carbon Fiber to refine the Engine Bay

Roof Scoop

Carbon Fiber Roof Scoop , Hutze.

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The standard Berlinetta comes with 740 PS, more than any street-legal Ferrari has had before, but that’s just too kind for the tuners from Duesseldorf. DMC have developed a performance package that pushes the Stallion from Modena to the 755 HP mark, slightly more than the regular F12 "SPIA", a strength which enables the car to reach nearly 219 mph. This newly gained power, is in largely achieved thanks to the new Titanium Exhaust, which also holds another gimmick in petto, a martial b...

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