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ultimateauto ultimateauto
Ultimate Auto
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Orlando, Florida, United States

This custom widebody Challenger has a menacing stance and the supercharged power to back up the looks. Massive 24x15" Savini Forged wheels feature a huge 12" lip, custom matte charcoal finish, and floating center caps. The wheels are wrapped in Pirelli 405/25-24 tires. To make room for the massive footprint we built complete composite body panels and reskinned the entire side of the car. The massive wheels are covered with wider, vented fenders. Hidden electric door handles pop open the much wider doors. A new front bumper with revised openings lends a modern look, while the hood features a clear plexiglass window to make the Magnacharger supercharger visible. The rear bumper surrounds a massive center exit exhaust tip that tops off the Magnaflow exhaust system. The custom two tone finish is subtle by color, but adds to the menacing look of this Hemi.

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