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Makakilo, Hawaii, United States

My car is a 2008 cobalt LT. Bought her in 2010 as a daily driver but had to start modifying her when I realized that the cobalt was the rental car of choice by the tourists in my area. I HAD to stand apart from the herd! Now that I've started modifying her, I needed a direction to take her. Form? Function? A balance of both? I decided to go with function and start beefing up her suspension for autocross. Enjoyed most of 1 season but was cut short due to a fire caused by bad wiring in one of my retrofit headlights. After the fire, I resigned myself to the fact that she prolly wasn't going to race anymore and rebuilt her with looks in mind.
That's pretty much where I am today.
She still may not look like much, but a LOT of work has gone into getting her to where she sits today. Tons of research, lots of mistakes made, craploads of money (that I probably shouldn't have spent), gallons of blood sweat and tears shed, and a single goal in mind; to take what used to be a rental car, and turn it into something that can surprise. All the work is slowly paying off with a lot of local recognition, tho. I was featured in the Honolulu Street Pulse magazine in august of 2013, and am currently sponsored locally by fresh2death detailing.

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So I took home first place in the chevrolet class at the Kelii foundation charity car show this past saturday!

Well it's been awhile since I posted on here, and not much has happened since the accident last spring/summer.  Until New years that is.  On january 2nd my car was broken into at the ward theater parking lot :(  Luckily they didnt get too much besides an ipod, and some tools.  They tried stealing my stereo, but couldn't get it out, but unfortunately it never worked right afterwards, so they might as well have taken it.  Luckily I was able to get some new glass from a loc...

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So I was rear ended the other day by some kids in a crv.  Traffic on the freeway came to a standstill but they weren't paying any attention.  She is currently being worked on by my homeys over at Tech One Customs and Street Attack Racing.   Coming up in a couple weeks She is scheduled to be entered into a car show down at Kapolei High School, so I am praying like crazy to have her back in time.  If not There is a couple shows I am entered into this august, so stay tuned for ...

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My 2008 chevy Cobalt was featured in last weeks issue of street pulse magazine.