2011 Nissan Versa Hatchback Mods Showcase Sorry for the low audio. Please turn up your volume AFTER the intro music.

Finally got a proper air intake system instead of that ebay crap I had before. Weapon-R Secret SRI/CAI for the win!

Added an AEM Water/Methanol kit last week along with boost and failsafe gauages. DDMWorks topped it off with a killer tune. Cars runs @330 whp now - time for a new clutch...

Had to get replacements for the one's I have - cracking.  Should have them replaced this weekend.

So I took home first place in the chevrolet class at the Kelii foundation charity car show this past saturday!

Just snagged an Aftershock Products rear lip spoiler for the car.  Should be here in three or four weeks!!  Love the look and lines.  This should wake the car up a little more.

A lot of brand new cars have those fancy built in DRL bars or whatever inheadlights. My Whitey is kinda old, but I still love it and think about getting the same feature. I've checked lots of forums and stuff and a lot of people say it's not really good to have those halos on. So Mine main questions is that potentially gay or legit?

I'm totally in love with these Avant Garde wheels. I've seen quite a few stance projects with these on/ Mostly there were some VIP stanced LS460s, but I am sure it will be awesome for the Z. What do you think? http://www.carid.com/avant-garde-wheels/f110-any-finish-1042292.html

Well it's been awhile since I posted on here, and not much has happened since the accident last spring/summer.  Until New years that is.  On january 2nd my car was broken into at the ward theater parking lot :(  Luckily they didnt get too much besides an ipod, and some tools.  They tried stealing my stereo, but couldn't get it out, but unfortunately it never worked right afterwards, so they might as well have taken it.  Luckily I was able to get some new glass from a loc...

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Tell me what else I should get for my Accord or what else you want me to post about my car? Front Hood Grill JDM lowering Springs