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PLATINUM, the world’s most precious metal, signifies an elite desire transcending the highest quality imaginable. Starting in 1997, brothers George and Jack Keshishyan took this concept to a whole new level with a vision of Restyling and Upgrading fine automobiles to a status comparable to the top value of which their company name stands for.

Almost a decade later, in 2006, after winning MTV’s “Trick It Out” on season one, PLATINUM MOTORSPORT showcased why they are recognized as one of the best the automotive world has to offer. Coming out on top in a competition comprised of the industry’s best was a tribute to our outstanding level of service, style, superb quality of work, and unparalleled allegiance to our craft.

With clients ranging from countries such as Russia, Dubai, Italy, and France, our presence in the luxury automotive restyling industry is felt around the world. With our unique style and focus on commitment, we take great pride in assuring ourselves to stay on top of the ever changing marketplace by delivering the most cutting-edge designs and products to our loyal customers. Our mission is to offer the ultimate satisfaction to our clientele by challenging ourselves in providing the sufficient time and energy required on every car that we have the pleasure of working on. Throughout the years, PLATINUM MOTORSPORT has become the benchmark of the industry without ever losing the personalized aspect on which the company was founded on.

2013 Land Rover Range Rover ID#000000262 by pmlifestyle