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Designed by me, Jonathan Ward, ICON was born with the idea of bringing modern performance cars yet married to classic styling. As I started TLC, the nations leading Land Cruiser Service center in 1996 in order to provide service, parts, sales and restoration services to the Land Cruiser community, the global reputation grew and grew. So I began working as a consultant for Toyota. TLC managed to handle special projects for Toyota including outfitting vehicles for special events. TLC was also in charge of building three running and driving prototypes what turned to be the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser.
With a passion to revisit an enormous variety of transportation legends in a modern context, ICON is here to project a vehicle without peers for a journey without boundaries. Classic styling, modern performance and timeless utility is what drives us!

If the blend of old school American looks and modern technology float your boat, then our latest creation, a retro-modern take on the 1947-1953 Chevy 3100 pickup will catch your attention! Now, having built some of the toughest Land Cruisers and having expanded as a brand, our range of automobiles has tackled, too. Well, the TR Series Thriftmaster takes it to a whole new level and well…its debut on the show floor at SEMA made it seem like a prime vehicle for summer's night cruise. Based o...

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