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A Kahn Design
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Bradford, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

The A. Kahn Design Defender 2.2 TDCI SW 90 - Chelsea Wide Track is an automotive work of art.

Characterised by a combination of fine detailing, diverse design, cutting-edge technology and the exclusivity synonymous with individually tailored projects, this fungus green Kahn Defender 2.2 TDCI SW 90 - Chelsea Wide Track is distinctive in appearance.

From painstaking conceptual planning, all the way through to the finer finishing touches, the styling package illustrates the capabilities of this vehicle which personifies the meticulous process of its creation. The styling package consists of front and rear wide wings with integrated vents & bolt apertures, extended wheel arches in satin black, front grille with mesh stainless steel, Chelsea Truck Company Spare wheel cover, Kahn prototype tailgate logo, side vents and bonnet vents with mesh stainless steel, Kahn oval tailgate logo, 1948 Defend wheels (8x16”) and Kahn prototype wing badges.

With specialist knowledge in adapting and re-designing vehicles, we are able to deliver contemporary and traditional interior solutions that are both sympathetic to the client’s environment as well as their needs and aspirations.

This particular vehicle includes roof grab handles with Harris Tweed covers, rear door panel & handle in Harris Tweed, rev counter facia in red, fire extinguisher, passenger dashboard top & grab handle in Harris Tweed, rear passenger knee protectors in Harris Tweed, single spoke leather steering wheel, hard wearing front & rear cabin floor mats, front sports GTB seats & rear folding seats in quilted & perforated leather, instrument binnacle in Harris Tweed, Churchill time clock facia insert in red and vented foot pedals in machined aluminum.

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