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Previous Ride 1994 GMC CK
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All custom work done by myself..bagged on iroc 22s in this pic but ended up puttin iroc 26s on it before i sold it like a dumb azz. 10 switches, independent baggs on each wheel and valves also with each wheel having its own switch also and the normal p,r,f,b,s,s,rf,lf,br,bl with viair quick baggs. 2 hide away 5 gallon air tanks under the back of bed in replace of spare tire area along with the belt driven comp. Upgraded interior from a 2000 tahoe fully loaded grey leather all power windows and seats also converted the factory bench seat into the bucket driver with the buck/bench passanger power seats also heated. Door panels also converted to the 2000 tahoe interior only thing inside thats factory from the 94 model is the dash but did some custom fabrication to the dash for the 7 inch touch screen head unit and the 2 7inch tvs thats mounted into the passanger side of the dash that i fiberglassed to make it all smooth and shaved. With a 19inch flip down tv in the center of the headliner in place of the rearview mirror. Bed is all custom tubbed with real metal not fiberglass in the pics i only have the bed when i got done cutting it out and putting the 4link in and tubbed it so it was not just a big whole cut threw the bed and i ended up doing a cutthru the cab and bed for my custom speaker box i made with the 4 12inch subs in a v shape directly under the back window behind the seats that was the only option i had left for me to be able to have the stereo system i had to have

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