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1978 Ford Falcon XC Cobra. Built in Australia this is no. 388 of 400 cars made. The XC Cobra's were famous for winning Bathurst (endurance car race) 1st & 2nd in 1997. I had always wanted one of these cars since I was a kid and my father had a panel van which was the same year. I bought this car off the internet from Australia sight unseen, and when it arrived at my home I realised it needed a big birthday as it was full of rust and drove like an old car. Since then (5 years ago and tons of money later) this car has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and upgraded with new suspension, brakes, steering, so it goes as fast as it looks. Interior is custom leather, 4 speed Toploader, Nardi wheel. There is maybe 200 of these cars left in the world, but most are rusted out or drive like "wounded whales". Certainly there are none with 9.1L engines in them. I hope you like it... I had to stick this under Mustang, sorry no field for Falcons:-)

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