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BRIAN39 years old
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Arkansas, United States

I haven't had a chance really to do any snow testing in it (due to Arkansas weather). The only time (happens about once every 20 years) we got 11 inches of snow in March 2008, I got screwed into working over and didn't get a chance to try it out. What little bit I have tested it out, I am NOT disappointed in these great cars.

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SOLD 3/19/2014 -------Here is my 1987 AMC Eagle Limited 4x4 when I first bought it in Feb 2007. Bought it in TN and an original TN car, found build sheet and have original owners manual. Runs like a dream. Only work needed was the notorious gasket seal leaks that they are known for. All electric inside (works!), leather interior and of course, the great 4wd drive system (all works!).