A lot of brand new cars have those fancy built in DRL bars or whatever inheadlights. My Whitey is kinda old, but I still love it and think about getting the same feature. I've checked lots of forums and stuff and a lot of people say it's not really good to have those halos on. So Mine main questions is that potentially gay or legit?

Tell me what else I should get for my Accord or what else you want me to post about my car? Front Hood Grill JDM lowering Springs

Tell me what you guys think. What should I do to make it better? I want some ideas!

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This was my first time actually trying to film something, especially a dirty car lol. I'm learning cinematography at the moment and this was just some practice clips that I through together. I was practicing using a 47" slider that I just purchased and some other tools. Still learning so be easy on me. I used Premiere Pro (CS5) for the first time to edit this video, so I'm still learning that too. Please like!

Parts ordered:PowerStop® K690 - 1-Click Front Brake Kit